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Saying “no”

I had a most refreshing experience this week.  A sweet lady in my life asked me if I could do something, and I said “no” to which she replied, “Okay.  Thanks anyway”.  I was floored.  She didn’t ask for an explanation.  She didn’t ask again, but in a different way.  She just accepted my response, and life moved on.  I was so relieved.  And then I got thinking about it.  Why was I so relieved?! Why do I expect being honest, and saying, “no, I’m sorry.  I can’t”  to be treated as a criminal offense?  I realized I was shocked because the myth of Supermom is so prevalent today that everyone tries to do everything for everyone else at all times.

Here is today’s newsflash.  I am NOT Supermom!  No one is. The more we try to pretend we have no limits, the crazier our lives will become and the more stressed and unhappy we will be.  I love so much about what my life holds-my husband, my children and grandchildren, my home, my friends, and my God. I need to remember that.  I also need to remember my gifts are different than your gifts, and our limits and stresses are different.  Can we resolve to accept that about each other? And support each other as we all learn to say, “no?”

What a great life we would all have if we stopped trying to be everything, and just worked on being ourselves!  So…all together now.  “No.” Wasn’t that refreshing?



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