Love these board books!

Okay.  I am definitely a book junkie.  We own over 3,000 books, and my “wants” list continues to grow!  One type of book for which I have a developed a great love, and growing collection, is board books.  I tend to be quite selective about purchases, but there are so many fun things available.   We own many of the the usual candidates- Sandra Boynton, Jan Brett, DK touch and feel books.  But this past week we found some that make me grin every time I see them in the book basket.  They are trademarked BabyLit, and published by Gibbs Smith.  They each  take their title from the classic novel on which they are based.

There is a book on colors taken from “Alice in Wonderland,” a counting book based on “Pride and Prejudice,” an opposites primer from “Sense and Sensibility,” and (my current favorite) a weather primer based on “Wuthering Heights.”  These board books have high contrast illustrations, easy text (“Wuthering Heights does have some quotes from the classic), and are great fun for the adults to read, especially if you are familiar with the original stories!  (There are more titles in this series.  I am still trying to get my hands on the rest!)

One of the most fun things about having grandchildren is having an excuse to own finds like these to share with them, or buying them as gifts.  The youngest three (all just over a year) love these books and dig them out of the basket so that I will read them.  Hope you enjoy them too.

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