Too much!

I love the feeling of being organized!  I am not always so excited about the process of getting there.  Right now I am helping someone sort, thin, and organize all of the homeschooling games, puzzles, books, and other miscellaneous stuff that seems to breed like rabbits in the closet.

How much is too much?  When do you swear off obtaining things and actually mean it?  There are so many interesting supplies available now for homeschooling that weren’t available twenty years ago.  I think we could drown in fun things before we actually teach anything!

Add to basic homeschooling- special needs and/or giftedness and you can gather enough need-specific stuff to open a store.  Or is all of that simply a rationalization that allows us to feel justified in accumulating?

Nah.  The reality is (at least for me) children need tools with which to learn.  We need tools with which to teach.

So what I really ought to do is buy stock in a company that makes storage bins, and then take them to the various home school conventions around the country.  I would make a killing!


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