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Today’s library adventure

2013-05-08 16.48.03

We had such fun at the library today.  In our county there are branches of the library which all connect to the same system.  On our library day, we can walk to the branch nearest our home, or we load up my daughter’s van and try a different branch which is what we did this morning.  Such a good idea!

We discovered that a recently opened branch has a great children’s librarian, and attended one of the best story times in the valley.  So fun!  There were puppets, stories, songs, and handouts.  We also found a pile of picture books in the book sale area to supplement our home libraries for $1 each.  There is a large children’s section which has bean bag chairs, benches, a couch, and other fun places to sit, and- best of all- a children’s restroom entrance in the children’s section of the library.  No more running across the building to make a quick “potty stop” with the potty-training three-year-old. When I asked for help locating a specific section, one of the librarians smiled, and gave me quick tour of the entire area. And they placed over-sized cubes with beads and mirrors in the check-out area to keep the children busy while you get your books ready to take home.

The boys had a great time.  We had time to relax and enjoy being with them. A good day for everyone!  Next time, we’ll have to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the tables just outside the building!  WIN!

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