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Why would anyone decide to home school?

As the public school year draws to a close, many parents are considering their options for the up-coming year.  If they are homeschoolers, they may be looking for curriculum resources, or possibly investigating a local charter or public school.  Those whose children are in the public school system may be revisiting that option.  Many wonder why homeschooling is so popular.  Others are curious, but intimidated.  Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of taking the leap into homeschooling.  (Obviously I am biased in favor of homeschooling, but it is important to understand both sides of the story!)

Reasons you may want to think hard about homeschooling before your pull your children out of the public school system

This may well be the hardest thing you will ever do!

Your life is not your own.  You will need make teaching your children your first priority.  Your time, as well as your nerves, are stretched tighter than ever.  Schooling is vital, but the house still needs to be cleaned, meals still need to be cooked, and your spouse needs a spouse.  The community will ask for your time, and your church family will still hope for your involvement.   And time for you needs to happen as well.  (Prayer helps when deciding what to focus on when!)

Your house only stays clean for five minutes at any given time.  (Unless they are all at the park or the library.)

Money that could be spent on household fix-up and decorating may now be needed for books, science kits, and other supplies.

Your neighbors think you’re weird and your family is now sure of it.

Reasons to homeschool

You love your children more than a school teacher can, or ought to, really.

You will be sowing seeds that will sprout abundantly in the future.

You didn’t have children to make your life easier anyway.

You can learn with them and grow together.  Our family is so close, and have weathered a myriad of storms because we learned how to be together and love it!

You can choose what they study and when they study it.  If you want to ensure your children learn about patriotism, Christ, and how to think, you can.  What they receive is up to you.  (That can also be a bit of a stress- knowing it is all on your plate, but what a fantastic opportunity!)

You have always wanted to learn how to get clay, mud, paint and flour paste out of your carpet.

Home decorating is so much simpler!  You don’t need pictures or knick-knacks for your shelves or walls.  You just need to buy more book shelves as your library increases!

2013-05-09 18.51.02

You don’t have to send them off so that someone else raises, teaches, influences, and nurtures them.   You get more than the “crumbs” of their time!

You want to be there when they learn to read, find Europe on a map, write their first poem, ask questions about the latest news story, and have their first crush.

In summary- they are your children and you are their mom. Homeschooling is the adventure of a lifetime, and I would do it again in a heart beat!

2 thoughts on “Why would anyone decide to home school?”

  1. I love this! Today was one of those blah homeschool days where I question if I’m fit to teach my children, but who knows them better than I do? Of course I am doing what’s best for my family. Everyone is allowed to have bad days. I wouldn’t miss these experiences for anything!

    1. I love the memories of homeschooling my four. There were days that made me question my sanity- without a doubt! But the good days were soooo great! There is nothing better in the world…except maybe teaching my grandchildren….

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