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I’m fairly new to the whole social media scene.  (I’m on Facebook, but mainly to keep up with family and friends we don’t see often.  I don’t have hundreds of friends;  that’s not why I have a page.)  I’ve heard about Pinterest here and there but never decided to check it out until everyone in our Classical Education group started talking about the resources and ideas they were finding.  So I checked it out. I think I’m hooked.  Really hooked.

(To those of you already on Pinterest, none of this will be a revelation.)  I have found great ideas for my home, emergency preparedness, and some yummy-looking recipes!  There are boards for thrift, organization, parenting, gardening, humor- and the list goes on!  Then I started a search for homeschooling ideas and information.  Oh my.  I could get lost in there for days!

There are inspirational quotes for copy work and penmanship.  Free file folder games, coloring pages, and ideas for games to make for a myriad of academic subjects.  I found new resources for both Classical and Charlotte Mason approaches- the two I use the most.   You could plan a great unit study utilizing ideas and resources listed.  All-in-all, there is information, encouragement, and a bit of fun available.

If I seem to disappear for a few days, feel free to join me.  I’ll be lost somewhere on Pinterest!