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I was speaking with a businessman about financial planning for our family, and the inevitable question came up again.  “Do you work?”

Let’s see…do I work?  Yes.  All day.  Everyday.

I can’t really blame him.  The question was in part of his paperwork.  From my reaction, he figured things out pretty quickly.  His next question was, “What would you prefer I put for your job description?” *wry smile*

“Homemaker works, or domestic engineer.”  Really, the list is longer than that.  Cook. Janitor. Psychologist.  Financial planner. Teacher. Event planner. Chauffeur.  Writer.  Organizer.  Personal shopper.  And the list goes on….

Why is it we feel the need for a title!  Honestly, my favorite titles are Mom, Grandma, and Sweetheart (that takes more work than just being a “wife.”)  Anything else feels as though I am trying to appease the outside world.  My greatest joys, laughs, and contentment come when I am with my family whether at home or elsewhere, or working with other moms find ways to build their homes.  Someday I hope to have the presence of mind to look back at the questioner and ask, “Do you know a mother who doesn’t?”

How do you handle that question?  Which job title do you prefer?


6 thoughts on “Job title”

  1. I love your blog so very much! You always seem to post what I need to hear. It can be hard sometimes when you tell someone you are a stay-at-home mom, and they reply, “So you don’t work?” Of course I work, my work is never finished! I try not to seek approval from others because I know the job I do is very important, whether it seems that way to the world or not. My favorite title is “Momma”, and I can’t hear it enough!

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