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Take care Mom!

Wow.  It has been weeks since I have written anything.  And what a party those weeks have been!  The bridal shower for our new daughter-in-law is over.  The wedding was wonderful.  Having family and friends join us in the preparations and celebration of the main event created so many memorable moments!  It is time to hit the books for the new school year, and the garden is producing like crazy; the canner will be a fixture in my kitchen for the next six weeks or so.  Life is so full!


Photo by Emily Pearl Photography

On the down-side, I have over-extended just about everywhere.  The last few weeks have given me a completely new understanding of why Mom needs to take care of Mom.  I have batttled multiple infections, migraines, and other body challenges, my sleep schedule and naps became a distant memory, and I am just beginning to return to anything resembling competency.

What did I learn from all this?  A lot.

  • Take care of yourself.  Eat right.  Sleep.  Take a quiet walk or two.  Allow for time to pray, read, and ponder.  Although I am unsure what I could have changed during the craziest parts of the last month, I have surely come to appreciate the importance of taking time to recharge my batteries.
  • Ask for help.  We did, and it was amazing how many hearts opened.  We solidified old friendships, created new ones, and saw the Lord’s Hand in so many ways…large and small!
  • Have a budget for your time, money, and energy.  Know your limits and work within them.  There are so many things we wanted to do that ultimately didn’t matter.  And so many others that we were able to do because we worked to be aware, careful, and blessed.  While things will be a bit tighter for a bit, I am so grateful for the miracles we experienced through this!
  • Communicate.  Talk with those around you about limitations, plans, and needs.  Listen to what they have to say.  You may find some suggestions are worth their weight in gold.  And sometimes others just need to know what you need from them.
  • Attitude is everything!  While I felt lousy physically, I determined that I was not going to let my body get the better of me.  The shower was fun.  We laughed, shared, and visited.  The day of baking and cooking for the buffet table at the reception allowed for more visiting and great memories.  And the wedding day was marvelous.  Playing mom to both the bride and groom was exhausting, but I would do it again in a minute!
  • People are more important than things.  Focus on them.  While the hall was lovely, the food was yummy, and the gifts were greatly appreciated, the real memories involve the people who were there.  The bride and groom were radiant.  Our son and daughter-in-law were able to fly in from CA so that the entire family was all together.  So many of our family, and friends came and supported us.  There were a few glitches on the big day (The bride left her shoes at my house.  The hairclip we hunted and hunted to find so that my hair would stay out of my face disappeared until the day after the wedding.  Not everyone who wanted to be there could be due to car trouble, illness, etc.), but in the end, it was full of people, love, and peace.
  • Let go of what really doesn’t matter right now; some things will need to matter a bit more later.  My garden, canning, blog, and curriculum planning took a back seat to the other things happening.  As I get back into real life, they are still there, waiting for me to jump back in and get on with things.  And I will.  If I had tried to keep up with all of it as well as the planning, nothing would have been done properly and I would have ended up in bed or the hospital for way too long!
  • God is good.  The blessings and miracles we witnessed were myriad and memorable.

I am so grateful the wedding happened and is now in the rear-view mirror!  This autumn promises to be full of a flurry of activity.  My job is to take time for me, so that I can then take time for everyone else!  Take time for you too!


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