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Easy meals

The wedding is over!  Yeah!  We all got through it, and are so glad to have had a day where the entire family was together.  The bride and groom were happy with how things went, so I am considering the entire affair a huge success!  (I realize I have said that before, but I just have to crow.  It really took over our life, and will be in my thoughts for days to come!)

Back to real life.  I noticed the day after the wedding (Saturday) that I have tomatoes turning red in bulk.  The first planting of dried beans is ready to be harvested and shelled.  And there are three rows of corn that are ready.  The peaches should be ripe on the tree any day now.  And the beets are becoming rather colossal.  Time to take on a different aspect of “keeper of the hearth”.  Canning/freezing will continue for the next eight weeks or so.  Time to fill the food shelves, and prepare for the coming cold weather.  (I love autumn and the feeling of “circling the wagons” that comes with it.  And the food is yummy in January!)

Now to the title of this post.  What do you feed your family when you have all been in the kitchen all day, and everyone is tired of food prep?

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Tacos- bottled black beans, spiced bottled chicken or hamburger, grated cheese, warm tortillas (from the store.  This is no time to make your own.), and whatever produce is ready from the garden.  Try them with tomato, cucumber, corn, and thinly-sliced pepper.
  • Grilled cheese and garden veg.  Easy comfort food that uses minimal dishes and allows for easy clean-up.
  • Mac-n-cheese and spam.  Slice the spam thinly on a mandoline, or cut into chunks, brown and then add to the mac-and-cheese.  Add applesauce and whatever veg you have to your plate, and chow down!
  • Stuffed tomatoes.  If I serve them for dinner, I don’t have to bottle them later.  Use tuna, egg, ham, or chicken salad.  Add cucs for crunch.  Yum!
  • Quesadillas.  A different take on grilled cheese.  Add meat or refried beans before you cook, and they can be filling and yummy.  Dip in sour cream, or salsa.
  • Now is the time to pull the chicken patties out of the freezer.  Serve on a sandwich, or with pasta and sauce for a quick chicken parmesan.
  • Turn bottled beef chunks into stroganoff or just a quick gravy, and serve over noodles, rice, or tater tots.  Add veg or fruit and it cooks up in a jiffy and feeds a hungry crew.

There are so many wonderful things to eat!  What are your favorite quick meals?


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