This post was written by my oldest daughter. Full of happy news and food-for-thought. Enjoy!

Welcome to my zoo!

For the record, I’ll be referring to the professionals we’ve dealt with by their initials.

We’ve had a really busy few months with lots of appointments. Boo in particular has been to see a lot of different professionals.  Occupational therapy, audiology, speech pathology, auditory processing…loads.  He’s now been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (like Bug, but other end of the spectrum.  He’s always on overload) and now auditory processing disorder.  Bug is dyslexic on top of the SPD.  Little Man (and Boo?) may have anxiety (no diagnosis yet but NM thinks it’s likely).  So many puzzle pieces and things to look at and ways to adjust life.  It can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

But there’s a theme that’s emerging that I’m excited about.

When we saw CG for Bug’s dyslexia, she was fascinated by his perspective of the world (as am I frequently).  After discussing it for a while…

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