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As our family wades even more deeply into the therapy and intervention options as more of the grandchildren are diagnosed with challenges, I find myself truly grateful for good information, but am also reminded of one over-riding truth- “mother’s intuition” is not to be ignored.  Or discounted.  Or ridiculed.  After all, that’s what led us to investigate in the first place!
While many of the recommendations we have received are wonderful, and the resources we have found have added tremendously to our ability to help our children, Mom needs to listen to her heart, and prayerfully implement (or not) those recommendations.
As a society, we have handed over too much of our responsibility to the “experts” and as a result, question ourselves WAY TOO MUCH.

So, repeat after me- “I am the Mom.”  Now say it again- “I am the Mom” ’cause you are. God sent these children to you to raise. You are the grown-up in their life, and they are depending on you to do what is best for them. If the local “expert” and your heart are at odds, take it to the Lord and then move forward with His direction.

After all, you and He are the ultimate “experts” on your child!