Occasionally you hear something that sticks…and then kinda rolls around in your brain for a while so that you have a chance to play with it, examine it from every angle, and then eventually file it away under “ideas that make sense to me.”  This three-year theory is one of those.  I can’t claim the original thought (and don’t remember from whom I heard it), but I found myself sharing it again this week. The basic idea is this:

When you begin your homeschooling journey, there are three stages:

During your first year, you learn about YOU.

During your second year, you learn about your children.

During your third year, you learn how to teach, after which you begin to become more comfortable with your decision to homeschool.

While the time frame may wiggle a bit one way or the other, the basic idea holds true time and time again. So Mom, be patient with yourself, and your children.  All good things take time to grow and develop, so give it the time it needs.  There are beautiful things waiting for you!