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Take time to celebrate this weekend!

Well, it’s here.  Tomorrow is Independence Day.  The 4th of July.  America’s Birthday.  Time to go camping or hiking, eat something tasty and indulgent, watch a fireworks display, or simply enjoy time together as a family.  While all of these things are worthwhile, please take a few minutes and focus on why we commemorate the 4th of July.  Ensure your children hear the story of our Great Nation.  Remind yourself what blessings we have simply because we live here.  Make this weekend a little more special.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Sing patriotic songs together.
  • Read about the founding of our nation.  Books such as The Fourth of July Story, by Alice Dalgliesh, The Children’s Story, by James Clavell, or a biography of a Founding Father are wonderful ways to remember afresh the blessed past we have, and to recommit to maintaining our freedoms.
  • Watch a patriotic movie as a family.  Talk about the blessings and responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States of America.  One of our family favorites is the BYU production, A More Perfect Union.  Fabulous!
  • Attend a parade.
  • Take a few minutes and visit a veteran’s hospital to say, “thank you for your service” or do something thoughtful for a service member in your community.  Teach your children about the sacrifices made by those who are in the armed forces.
  • Send a few letters or packages to the troops serving overseas.
  • Talk as a family about things you can do to get involved, and help ensure the continuation of our freedoms for the next generation.
  • Post the Stars and Stripes at your home, and teach each member of the family proper care of our flag.
  • Find a game on the Constitution,  American geography, etc. to play as a family.  Pinterest, second-hand stores, or book stores are good places to look.
  • Pray for our people and government.  Petition the Lord for His grace and guidance as we move into the future.

The land in which we live is a gift.  Let’s focus on the gift as well as the fun of this weekend.  Have a truly blessed 4th!


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