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Networks aren’t just for computers

It has been a crazy few months at the cottage. We’ve gotten through a surgery, a move, wild weather, a leaking roof, more than a few fibromyalgia flares, teething toddlers, potty training, and other unexpected events.  As I look back, I notice that one of the things that makes life do-able is my network.  Not one on the computer.  This is the one that consists of friends and family who make a wonderful difference in my life.

I have daughters who let me play with their little ones while they edit what I am writing, and help me with all of the oddities of computers that leave me wanting to pull out my hair.  My sons and daughter-in-law come and help with the physical stuff I can’t do so that life keeps moving.  My husband is patient, and does whatever he can (even as he is convalescing). And I can always count on all of them to make me laugh- at myself, at life, and at the unexpected.

There are women who come to talk about home schooling or cooking or preparedness and end up talking about everything under the sun.  Classical Education Group is great for my morale, and the “class after the class” when one or a few of the ladies plant on my couch to chat is often my favorite part of the night.  In my network there are RNs who are more than willing to let me pick their brains, women who have the ability to make me smile just because they are there, and some of the hardest workers I have ever known!  They let me try and help them as they work to raise and teach their children, and they help me with the crazy projects I get myself into regularly.  Bottling 400 lbs of apples as sauce, and cubing beef for three hours comes to mind.  Or trying to clean and touch up paint for workshops held in my home.  They are the best!  I have other friends who are farther away but are always willing to be there via a phone call or facebook chat.

Everyone needs a network.  Parents with children at home, empty nesters, grandparents, those who are still waiting for a family, and everyone else.  We are here to serve and grow together.  The good Lord put us here to form networks of real people who build each other.  Friends, family, and community.  A wise man, Spencer W. Kimball, once said, “The Lord does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other…”  I am grateful for those in my life who are willing to be His Hands.

Who have you invited into your network?