Grammar rant

Warning to my readers-this post is a bit of a rant.

What ever happened to grammar education?!  I realize not everyone had the opportunity to learn to love grammar in Mrs. Pettengill’s ninth-grade English class, but there are two common mistakes that I keep hearing lately that set my teeth on edge!

#1-The misuse of the words fewer and less.  Use fewer if you are talking about a finite, countable number.  “I have fewer cupcakes than I need.”  Save the word less for describing large amounts that are not easily counted.  “This has less information than I was hoping to find.”  We do not have “less books” or “less minutes”; you can have “fewer books” or “fewer minutes.”  You can also have less time than you expected; don’t we all?  I have less fuel in my car than I thought I did (but that is easily remedied).

#2-At what point did the word “why” become an acceptable substitute for “the reason I did this” or “because…”?  “Why I was late is….” or “why I did that…”.  AUGH!!!!  Really?!  Let’s develop our thoughts just a few steps further before we speak them.

I admit I have been called “the grammar police” by my children (and others).  I do have the tendency to grit my teeth when I hear blatant incorrect adverb modifications, or problematic preposition use.

The English language is a wondrous, evolving, and magical language.  Let’s learn to speak it with all the majesty it deserves!

Okay.  Rant ended.